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Tangled - Rapunzel

First cosplay commission of my new year is Rapunzel from the Disney animated film Tangled! 

This is for a partial commission project where Hillary only wanted me to make her corset. We used a soft cotton fabric to capture the perfect hue of the character's costume. Mostly out of cotton material, I made a steel boned corset with detachable sleeves. The edge binding is a pretty orange with slight color saturation, and of course finished with layers of ruffled lace.

modeled photo is from Hillary, and she does not want her face shown. :) 

Here are some close ups for sleeve construction and the costume:



My logo!

I finally have a logo!


Tales of Vasperia - Rita Mordio

One of the biggest project I did for Pax Prime 2013 was Rita Mordio from Tales of Vasperia. 

My customer wanted a complete package, which included everything you see - costume, accessories, shoes covers, gadgets! And Rita has many! From her mysteries waist gadgets to the waist book harness, and her weapon - a flying scroll, Rita is endless surprises and discoveries. But I took it with stride, dissecting the figurine (which my customer kindly provided) piece by piece one at a time. 

I used Kona cottons for that deep saturated color effect to achieve the bold look of Rita's cosplay.  Of course Kona Cotton also offers a bazzillion colors that matches my every needs!  I made the inner bodice with long puffy sleeves, and then the outer vest. Of course they are tacked together for consistency and ease of wearing.  The legging is just a simple white cotton knit with one leg, and covers are created to fit the shoes.

I also partnered up with a leatherworker to make the golden choker, book harness with storage space inside for Rita's Convention loots.

I am very happy with how this complicated but amazing project turned out!



BioShock Infinite - Young Elizabeth

Recently, I did a commission for the Young Elizabeth version cosplay for the video game BioShock Infinite.

It is a Edwardian inspired design with many different details. We finalized on a cinched high waist navy skirt that comes to just below the knee length. A white shirt with a 3/4 sleeves, french cuffs, and Chelsea collar. Main colors are white and navy, contrasting colors are a darker toned navy and gold. Findings are zippers at the skirt side, hidden button, and gold buttons for the center front of the shirt, and at the side tabs. There are 4 tabs for the skirt, which gave it a military touch and are so cool!

I used a beautiful drapey crepe fabric to capture Elizabeth's flowing silhouette.  Because it is a high waist style skirt, I also engineered the skirt pattern to have a inside waist band so that it is invisible on the outside, but stays in place higher. It is also similar to a Hollywood waistband, but being faithful to the Elizabeth's original designs, I did not use elastic at the back.

I had abit of challenge finding the two tonal navy color fabrics in the same weight that would work together. I would find the correct color, but the drape would be completely different. Since the skirts has the Darker Navy/white border at the bottom, I wanted to make sure the drape of the skirt will not get interrupted by the seam, But when I saw the final fabric, I was delighted!

Accessories for this cosplay includes the scarf and the hair tie in the dark navy fabric

Over all this is a very elegant cosplay and comfortable cosplay. It is so popular at this time, I am sure my client was instantly recognized at the con.

I have received many *favorites* and compliments on the constructions this cosplay. And it makes me so happy every time! So you can purchase this cosplay in your size from my Etsy store:



4Chan Meido - Rose City Comic Con

Michelle commissioned this piece for her Rose City Comic Con cosplay. This is the 4chan board moderator - Meido. Usually she is depicted as holding a vacuum cleaner and/or a broom.

There are a few challenges with this cosplay, firstly, there is no official artwork for her. There are a few fan arts circulating around the web, but nothing authoritative.   Michelle was super nice to work with and we work together to confirm a specific style with added elements from different  artwork.

I found a wonderful and cheerful sky blue tailor shirt fabric with a very nice drape.The boob catcher (sorry, I am not sure what to call it. Chest insert? may be?) is made with a opaque white interlock knit fabric. Michelle wanted modesty and not revealing as the reference.  There are load and loads of ruffles on this super girlie cosplay. The sleeves are a cuffed sleeves with a puffy top. And I shirred all the things! The puff short sleeves has a bias binding on the edge and then elastic stitched about 1" above to create the even shirrings.  The apron and collar also has emblems of the 4chan board. The collar is hand embroidered, while the apron as a applique technique.

When Michelle showed up for the fitting, I have found a unused vacuum that's the same as the reference art, so i gave it to my customer as a present. :) Awesome appreciative customer is hard to come by and I certainly hope we will work on other projects again. Such a cute cosplay!



Sucker punch - Amber Redux!

This is a redux of

complete cosplay project with the combat boots, leather belts and harness, undies, strapless tube top, side cap, choker, and, of course, the crop jacket + crotchless/kneeless pant. LOL Lacing this cosplay up took many hours, which I am very thankful now that it's all done! This is my beautiful customer Jennifer. 

This is a very tight fitting costume, so we worked very closely together to get all the fabric correctly. I also sourced a stretchy contrasting fabric where are the first time around, I used a fabric with only mechanical stretch.

Just a note, I sourced the leather belt and harness from my leather master partner. The clips and gun prop was provided by Jennifer. 

Just a note, I know that some cosplayers created this cosplay by modding an original flight suit. However, I feel that my pattern making skills can better serve cosplay purposes as well as achieve a better fit. So if you are interested in your own Amber cosplay, contact me for commission work or check out my written tutorial on Instructable:


Guild Wars 2 - Sylvari Elementalist Cosplay

As some of you may know, I am a huge guild wars 2 player, and been playing since pre-launch.
The sylvari is the most unique and most beautiful race in the world of GW2. It is a botanical race that is birth by the Pale Tree. Everything about them is plants, trees, and flowers. So when my favorite character hit max level of 80, I knew I had to find her the perfect gear and then as an ultimate fan, will wear it to Pax Prime 2013! So I settled on the exotic Carrion Exalted set.  This set has organic design elements all over it. From the scrolling broad leaves on the neckline to the trailing skirts, to the petals exploding out of the bracers, neck and shoes, it echos the elegance of nature so well. I am so in love with the design of this gear set!

The beauty of the game is that it allow players to do an virtually endless color combinations of their gear. So far my favorite color combo is: Midnight Blue, Harvest Gold, and Icing. Which is genius!

OK, enough about my game, on to the cosplay!

As usual I started out with the reference picture of all sides, and draw out a sketch of what the outfit looks like. As usual, when I was sketching, I paid special attention to the style lines, seam lines, and different proportions of the design elements. It is important to me to get as much details down as possible. I also jog down a few measurements and things that I need to pay special attention to. And small sketched of the different parts. 

Next, I create a basic silhouette of the costume on my dress form with style tapes. These style tapes high lights the major seams and edges. After that, I drape the muslin over the form to create the first patterns. I then sew the mock up together to try it on myself. I  had to revised back and fore a few times to fix any fit issues or funky portions.

This style has large areas of design details. I can achieve these patches in multiple ways, but settled on using applique technique.  Below, you can see the work-in-progress of the skirt. It has all 3 stages of the applique - 1, laying the large patch down; 2, satin stitch on to the base; 3, trimming the excess off to show the actual patch shape. After the outlining has been satin stitched, I also went back with multiple colored thread to add the leave vines as needed to bring out the details.

Another challenge is that the reference shows the top just free flowing wraps around her body. There is NO side seam on one side. Now this design shows the Sylvari's beautiful and illuminating botanical patterns, but WHAT?! I had a idea of making a body suit, then dye to match the make up color. My dear friend Hillary helped me painted the botanical texture on. She always does beautiful work!! <3   I have also since cut off the sleeves to elbow length to eliminate bulk.

The last challenge is ..... the hair. Of course, my character has the pony tail hair style. If you have any experience with regular wigs, a pony tail thrown the whole balance off! Here is the step by step of the process. I had abit of struggle with painting the leaves, so Hillary also showed me how to paint the leaves correctly. I used clear elastic to sew the leaves together so that it will have a tight fit, as well as provide plenty of loops for hair pins to secure to wig cap. I used so many hair pins at the front that I had a massive headache at the end of the night. But is was so worth it!!

And the finished piece  -
Photo by Bill Hinsee of



Official Photos of my Sylvari Elementalist Cosplay

Check out these photos of my Sylvari Elementalist! I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since launch, and I am thoroughly impressed with this game. So needless to say, I am a HUGE player with a few 80's but my main is a 80 Elly (elementalist) named Pacifica on the Ehmry Bay server. My guild is called Legion of the Iron Hawk, [HAWK].  Say hi to me if you play!

But in any case, I will do a full write up shortly for the whole process. Please enjoy these photos!

Photos are taken by Bill Hinsee of


Dota - Windrunner Alleria

Eunice came to me last April to confirm a commission for the Windrunner's revamp project. She already had a full cosplay, but then she was not pleased with it, so she commissioned me to revamp the Cape, jacket, leggings and arm covers.  This project was such a success that it was captured by the Komo 4 news crew! Check out Eunice here:

Photo Credit: Joshua Lewis / KOMO News

Material wise - I used all Kona cotton fabric for the cape and jacket. Kona Cotton has a BEAUTIFUL wide range of colors that made the gradient look possible. Leggings and arm covers are made with a cotton spandex white fabric, which I custom dyed to match the specific tone of green color. Eunice specifically required that none of the greens should be a blueish green, so I had to try a few times before getting the yellowish green down. :)

It was a very fun project because the cape has loads of piecing details. And I want to capture it all! :)
So I paid extra attention to scale the proportions from the reference art to my customer's size, and then piece them back together.  All top stitching used contrasting thread to ensure the details pop. Additionally, in order to make sure the front and inside of the cape are the same view, I cleaned finished the seam allowances and added sealant to the raw edges as needed. I also extended the cape's over lap to create a voluminous cowl.

You can check out the process below.

The leggings are dyed to match the color of the dark green. Also, Eunice wanted to change the jacket to have a cap sleeves on one side, and have more coverage at the front neckline.



The Sylvari Elementalist Cosplay from Guild Wars 2

Check out this photo of my Sylvari Elementalist cosplay by Bill Hinsee! More to come later, I must head back to the con!! :)


Pax Prime Cosplay Schedule -

I forgot to post my Pax Prime 2013 cosplay Schedule - here is it! Sunday and Monday is very open for photo opportunities if any photographers are still available. Please message me on Facebook! ( )

Wizard photo is taken by Bill Hinsee Photography

Now, back to sewing!


When Ezio Meet Maverick.. Part 2

Antique Lace and Last Oryx (  collaborated with me in this photo concept of "When Ezio Met Maverick...." Part 2

Lady Maverick made and model by me
Ezio cosplay made and model by Aaron Thompson
Juno made and model by Megan Ann
Photographer is the amazing Bill Hinsee Photography  (

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When Ezio Meet Maverick....

During Sakura Con 2013 - I joined a group photo session with the local Assassin's Creed Cosplayers. I wanted a choreographed shoot illustrating relationships between Ezio and Lady Maverick. Antique Lace and Last Oryx (  collaborated with me in this photo concept of "When Ezio Met Maverick...." I love it!

Stay tune tomorrow for what happens next!

Ezio cosplay made and model by Aaron Thompson
Lady Maverick made and model by me
Photographer is the amazing Bill Hinsee Photography  (

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Important announcement -

It's been planned for a while now, and it is happening!

Yesterday, I said good byes to my co-workers at a development firm.  Today I am officially a full time costumer! There are a ton of projects to go through, but I am so happy to get started.

Thank you for all your support and passion in this art form. You are all such an inspiration to me.

- Anna


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They are an awesome band with all the EL tapes and wires in the world. Their concert is on 7/20, and winners will be announced by 7/15.

For the Resistance!

Those of you who follows me on Facebook ( knows I am really getting into playing Ingress.

It is a really cool game, with simple graphics but loads of strategy and social planning.

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League of Legends (LoL) - Frost Ezreal

Photo by Alfredo Rodrigo Vitente III 
Model by Cory
I made the Jacket, T-neck shirt,  upcycled the pants and boot covers!

Pre-con Selfie by Cory 
Model by Cory
I made the Jacket, T-neck shirt,  upcycled the pants and boot covers!