Sakizou's Afternoon Tea - Coffee

  • Fabric: Stretch Twill, Organza, lots of various kinds of laces, beaded trims, ribbons 
  • Time:2 months
  • Origin: Sakizou's Afternoon Tea Artbook - Coffee
  • Location: Washington State Convention Center
  • Convention and Events: Emerald City Comic Con, Ace Comic Con, Norwescon

Sakizou's art work are famed for being elaborate and decadently embellished. So it was only a matter of time that I would come to the conclusion that I need to do one. I assembled a group of friends who are totally passionate about frills, bows, and all things Girlie! All photos are by @embracethedarkanddreary . Cosplay by @lillyums (Milk) @seattle_cosplay (Coffee) @sgtserger (Soy Maccha) and @cosplay_and_cupcakes (Cocoa)

This project was a stash busting project as it required all sorts of laces and trims, but most are less than a yard. Since I already had a ton of brown tonal trims and fabric, this was an excellent low cost project for me. 


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