Historically Accurate Snow White - the 16th century princess

Main Fabric: Silk Velvet, Silk Dupioni, Crepe Satin
Orgin: Snow White
Shooting Location: Seward Park Seattle
Convention: Emerald City Comic Con 2016, Norwest Con 2017, Rose City Comic Con 2018
Components: Hat, Bodice, Full skirt, Pannier, Over Skirt, Petticoats

With Shoomlah's collection of historical accurate princesses, I wanted to have a group cosplay for all of them. The group did a fantastic job! Photo by Cosplay Boom. (Melinda Rose as Little Mermaid, Jade Cheung as Jasmine, Perzephone Cosplay as Mulan, SmallRiniLady as Sleeping Beauty.)

This costume is the first one I had access to and incorporated large amount of machine Embroidery to achieve the texture on the fabric. They include the border on my skirt, center front panels of my corset, and bodice, as well as the slashed sleeves. 

Balance of the photos are taken by Elite Cosplay


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