Pokemon ginjikas – Garaydos

I was a fan of the Pokémon anime series growing up. And as soon as I saw Cowslip's Pokemon Gijinkas, I wanted to make a cosplay base on it.  But being the only one may be hard to notice, so I rally up my friends to take part in a cosplaying group of Pokemon! I picked Gyarados  because of the design’s elegant nature and honesty, who doesn't want a big blue wig!?  My friends and I went fabric + trim shopping together, and it was so much fun!  For the first time in my cosplay, I also digitized the center medallion.  It was a fun and unique patch, which I don’t think I could have mimicked any other way.

I used a blue on blue brocade, white and blue charmuse, boning for tail structure, and a ton of gold trims and robes I had left over from the Sansa cosplay.  When I was draping the patterns, I can’t help but noticed the similarity of this cosplay and the wizard. It certainly brings back memories. 

Because of work schedule, I had to really crush the process, so I didn't take a lot of pictures in progress.  But here are the finished photos.  Hillary made and styled the wig for me, she also made the accessories in exchange for pattern making and draping lessons. I am all for that. There are still tons more work and details that needs to be added soon!

This last picture features Hillary (http://direshrimp.tumblr.com/) as Wartortle, Alli (https://www.facebook.com/PerzephoneCosplay) as Lapras.

Thanks for Photos taken by Cosplay Boom, Toshiyasu Morita, my friends!

My reference photo is:

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