The Umbrella Academy - The Handler

Fabric: Red Ponte, Black Vinyl trim, black Kona cotton, black felt, wire for hat structure, invisible zipper for skirt, hook and bar for center front closure. I purchased a skinny belt, and pill box hat for base structure. 

Time:1 week

Origin: The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Location: Pike Place Market

Convention and Events: Pending!

Who doesn't love a villainess in red?? I certainly has precedence (See my Lucille Sharpe!). But I also love Kate Walsh. She worn this for the demotion scene.... Handled it like a boss! 

For this cosplay, I also did a full tutorial series for Pfaff's Coverlock 4.0. 
Check out the links here: 

It was quick project as I had limited time gap when my embroidery machine went into the shop for maintenance. (read all about that drama in my Lily gown post.) the hardest thing was to stitch the Vinyl and making sure its not twisting as much as possible.  The second the third videos show some in action.  

Then on a beautiful day in Seattle, @embracethedarkanddreary and @ah_que_la_maguita worked their magic and we had a lot of fun hanging out together at @pikeplacepublicmarket !


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