About me

Thanks for coming to my professional cosplay page. I am Anna He. I have an extensive, professional background in the fashion industry as a designer. With a passion for sewing and anime, I have decided to merge my dream job and my love of all things anime and high fantasy.

Raised in New York City, I started sewing around age 14, after I graduated junior high school, and never looked back. I went on to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. After I finished college, I worked for many fashion labels in New York City and Seattle. On the job training sharpened my eyes for details and workmanship. Working with higher priced labels refined my hands for good quality fabric and their ability to drape. It also taught me about best practice construction methods. As I became more acclimated with anime, Japanese culture and epic high fantasy, I discovered that all of those costumes could be made to fit a real person! That’s when I started to really investigate theater art and Cosplay. I have a wide array of experience working with leather, woven fabric, knit fabric, brocade silk, lace, mesh, feather as well as beading, embroidery and painting. I have created over 200 high quality, award winning costumes for myself and customers – ranging from video games, to Epic Fantasy, to comic and Sci-fi and of course, my own original designs.

I am focus on reaching out to more DIY cosplayers by releasing cosplay patterns with The McCall Pattern Company, teaching classes online  and releasing free sewing videos on Youtube.  When my schedule allows, you can finds me in cosplay groups around conventions; volunteer time to judge costumes contests; or constructively critique and help younger sewists become more skillful in their craft and provide an career example to be in the fashion industries. Daily, I aspire to be a better sewist, an effective teacher and a creative cosplayer. 

Contact me at SeattleCosplay@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding my credentials and ideas! I look forward to hearing from you.

Check out these awards and recognition for my projects! 
- Working with MoPop (Museum of Pop Culture) for their Heroes and Villains costume exhibit. 

- ECCC 2020 I features as cosplay and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month's artist. 

- Seattle Komo News came to visit me at my home studio and gained a glimpse into the cosplay cultures of ECCC 2017

- A documentary featuring me is in the official selection of Seattle Asian American Film Festival 2017
HD Short Documentary here: https://vimeo.com/180987097
Awards page here: http://seattleaaff.org/2017/films/seattle-cosplay-journey-into-cosplay/

- Seattle Refined - a Daily magazine show in the Seattle area show cased my work space and my creative process in the days leading up to Emerald City Comic Con 2017

- Editorial contribution to a very nice write up about cosplay at our hometown blog.

 - Emerald City Comic Con 2014 - Best Group Cosplay For my Game of throne group, I was Sansa Stark in wedding dress

- ArenaNet community feature my Sylvari cosplay + interview http://www.twitch.tv/guildwars2/c/4090966 

 - Assassins Creed 3's Facebook Community Featured my Lady Maverick cosplay as part of the Sakura Con AC Gathering!

- Sakura Convention 2013 - Cosplay Contest Best in Show!
For my Wizard Cosplay!

- Diablo 3's community featured me on their artist of the week!

- Runner up in the fashion Challenge from Burda and Instructable.

- 1st Runner up in the “Make it in Wool” contest, featured in Columbia Herald’s newspaper!

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