Pax Prime 2012 Cosplay ideas

I have been working on a few side projects - but at the end of this month I will start planning out my Pax Prime 2012 Costume. I have a few ideas, but none firmed. My somewhat narrowed down list (with no particular preference) is as below:

1, Assassin's Creed - Hellequin (love the design and I would be a nimble assassin!)

2, Skyrim - Wood elf Dragonborn in Daedric armor  (yeah, it looks amazing! and it would continue the female warrior theme from last year's Tron - Quorra)

3, Guild Wars 2 -  Sylvari with wings (because this will be the race I will play, ;) Pre-order win! )

4, Satele Shan - Grand Jedi Master from my current MMO - Star Wars: The Old Republic. I mean... who doesn't want to wield a double bladed light saber!?


Things that may interest you.....