BioShock Infinite - Young Elizabeth

Recently, I did a commission for the Young Elizabeth version cosplay for the video game BioShock Infinite.

It is a Edwardian inspired design with many different details. We finalized on a cinched high waist navy skirt that comes to just below the knee length. A white shirt with a 3/4 sleeves, french cuffs, and Chelsea collar. Main colors are white and navy, contrasting colors are a darker toned navy and gold. Findings are zippers at the skirt side, hidden button, and gold buttons for the center front of the shirt, and at the side tabs. There are 4 tabs for the skirt, which gave it a military touch and are so cool!

I used a beautiful drapey crepe fabric to capture Elizabeth's flowing silhouette.  Because it is a high waist style skirt, I also engineered the skirt pattern to have a inside waist band so that it is invisible on the outside, but stays in place higher. It is also similar to a Hollywood waistband, but being faithful to the Elizabeth's original designs, I did not use elastic at the back.

I had abit of challenge finding the two tonal navy color fabrics in the same weight that would work together. I would find the correct color, but the drape would be completely different. Since the skirts has the Darker Navy/white border at the bottom, I wanted to make sure the drape of the skirt will not get interrupted by the seam, But when I saw the final fabric, I was delighted!

Accessories for this cosplay includes the scarf and the hair tie in the dark navy fabric

Over all this is a very elegant cosplay and comfortable cosplay. It is so popular at this time, I am sure my client was instantly recognized at the con.

I have received many *favorites* and compliments on the constructions this cosplay. And it makes me so happy every time! So you can purchase this cosplay in your size from my Etsy store:


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