Victorian Cycling Sweater + Skirt

 Fabric: About 400 grams of lace weight acrylic yarn. 4 yards of twill. Boater's hat base. 

Time: on and off over 6 months' time frame. 

Origin: Metropolitan Museum of Art Archive

Location: Seattle Japanese Garden

Convention and Events: Port Townsend Victorian Festival 2023

This is a sweater and skirt set. The skirt is pretty straight forward. I used the pattern from Black Snail's collection, but modified the sewing instructions and length to meet my needs. 

I had been dappling back and fore with this sweater. It all started when I saw MET's archive picture, then as it went, I first identified the stitches used, machine limitations, as well as establishing the actual knitting instruction. 

Note to mention at the time I made this, my only knitting machine is a 1980's Superba S48, with 200 needles and proper double bed. So it can knit a beautiful balance ribs. After all the investigation, I made a test sample in a dusty rose color first and went through so many trial and errors. After unraveling more than a dozen times, I finally came up with a decent specification to knit this Ivory colored final version. Check out some fun reels here. True to cosplayer that I am, more revisions are already on the way as I see additional details can be added... and I now have a new knitting machine to play with... behold my Knitmaster/Singer SK 700!! 

I was able to wear this set to our State's Port Townsend Victorian fest in 2023. It was perfect weather to walk around in the historical neighborhoods.  I look forward in wearing it more in future events. 


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