Jade Tech Light Class Armor - Guild Wars 2

Fabric: White Twill, Blue Dupioni Silk, Vegan Leather, Kona Cotton,  Red Chainette,  I commissioned the shoulder, bracers and boot covers from my friend Hillary H.

Time:2 Months

Origin: Guild Wars 2

Location: My Yard ;)

Convention and Events: Pax West 2022. ECCC 2023

We were all fresh out of the pandemic, and eager to get out to see and been seen. I wanted to pay homage to my fav video game franchise for this "reboot" of convention.  The new game expansion came out the year before, and with heavy Asian influences, I knew I had to make it. 

This armor set consist of a vest, which I manually quilted with Kona cotton sandwiching a thin batting. A wrapped robe with asymmetrical skirts. I made the pattern and figured out all the binding situations. Like true GW styles, the waist belt w/many of accessories and bags, pouches, tassel hanging off it. I used a cording foot to stitch the various length of chainettes. And fun fact- these red chainettes are left over from 10+ years ago when I made the red Wizard. 

All the studded looking beads are painted Chicago Screws. Extra special thanks to my friend Hillary whom took my commission to make shoulder pieces, bracers, and the boot covers for me. She 3D printed the medallion on my tassel as well. 

In truth cosplay fashion, the vest is heavy duty snapped to my wrap robe, and the shoulder pieces are snaped to the vest. 



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