House of Worth inspired Lily Gown

Fabric: ~20 yards of
Velvet, Polyester lining. Organza, Satin, Metallic Thread, pounds of Beads... Faux flowers, feather and cardboard for the Toque. 

Time:9+ months

Origin: Lily Gown from the House of Worth Portfolio

Location: Olympic Sculpture Park

Convention and Events: Pending!

This was THE dress I'd planned to wear to the Costume College's Gala 2020... but COVID says no. So I will be on the look out for other occasions to wear this super glamorous creation. And Glamour is what I would say about this dress. Together with all the metallic beads and embellishments, the lily motifs that wrap the entire silhouette. When I look down, I see the vines grow out from the hem and envelope me. It’s a beautiful feeling. I have detailed most of my process along the way over on instagram or a document on my Etsy shop. that I want to channel old marketing photos of Balenciaga. Poses that recalls fluid femininity with a dress that transcends centuries. The backdrop really is amazing for this styling.

Here is the FULL front view of the dress. I’ve never seen this dress in person and was only able to study the documents on various websites and my HoW book. I had thought about the historical photos, constructing the white satin center front panel w “line art” style embroidery. This modern version w/ symmetrical design is much more fluid and my aesthetic. While it is absolutely a piece inspired by the House of Worth creation, the lilies in this design also echo heavily in the Art Nouveau style of Alphonse Mucha. The long scrolling stems and lyrical leaves that ends when the buds begin. The full petals that follows the sepals that leads to the receptacles and stems. I have the unreal feeling of a walking art work when wearing this dress.

One of ways The Countess Greffulhe worn the Lily gown was to have the Bertha collars flipped up like a bat wing. I made my with a hidden magnet yah cosplay techniques!  @embracethedarkanddreary collaborated with me for a few more artistic shots. It is always so much fun when we get together and communication flows like water. Some worked, others, uhmm not so much. And I will show you from both categories too.  My make up is not historical, I just love the palette.


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