Generalcowslip's Pokemon Gijinka - Gyarados

Fabric: Bright Blue and white Polyester Satin, Brocade, Poly Chiffon
Time:3 months
Origin: Generalcowslip's Pokemon Gijinka - Gyarados
Location: Discovery Park
Convention and Events: Emerald City Comic Con, Sakura Con, Seattle Asian Art Museum exhibit opening

I first made this for Sakura Con with a bunch of friends. This is my first cosplay made with Fan art in mind, and I had been admiring Generalcowslip's Pokedex for a long time before that. I used alot of binding techniques to capture the artist's expression. Because Gyarados is Chinese styled Dragon, I felt like an empress wearing this cosplay every time. It is worth pointing out that the Center Medallion is a "Fu" Medallion that I first digitized and machine embroidered. 

Together with me here are @rah_bop as Squirtle; @perzephone as Lapras and I rocked our water #pokemon cosplays. All Photos by @cnidarium_photography


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