Final Fantasy - Time Mage

Last year, Amy and her husband Jeff came to me with a request to do the FFT White Mage and Laguna Loire’s cosplay. This year they tasked me with creating the Time Mage for Jeff. I already have Jeff’s basic measurements, so I got to work right away. The time mage like a bazillion stars, which is not a hard task. But then after looking at the design sketch for a bit, I get the feeling that this needs to have a very hand crafted feel to it.  Almost like a heirloom quality. So instead of cutting out stars, I cut out various sizes of Triangles and Pentagons that made up the different sizes of stars. I also come to the conclusion that the time mage costume is a pant suit, caplet, black Habit, and the pointy hat.

Here are the panels with freshly sewn stars! I love this heirloom stitch on my machine and I want to use it more on my future cosplays.

I used mostly ultra suede for the stars, micro suede for the rest of the body and hat.  I used a lofty white, low pile fur for the cap, and also used a similar heirloom stitch on the edges. Here is the finished look.  I love the fact that they are husband and wife team cosplaying mages together! 

Here is my reference:

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