4Chan Meido - Rose City Comic Con

Michelle commissioned this piece for her Rose City Comic Con cosplay. This is the 4chan board moderator - Meido. Usually she is depicted as holding a vacuum cleaner and/or a broom.

There are a few challenges with this cosplay, firstly, there is no official artwork for her. There are a few fan arts circulating around the web, but nothing authoritative.   Michelle was super nice to work with and we work together to confirm a specific style with added elements from different  artwork.

I found a wonderful and cheerful sky blue tailor shirt fabric with a very nice drape.The boob catcher (sorry, I am not sure what to call it. Chest insert? may be?) is made with a opaque white interlock knit fabric. Michelle wanted modesty and not revealing as the reference.  There are load and loads of ruffles on this super girlie cosplay. The sleeves are a cuffed sleeves with a puffy top. And I shirred all the things! The puff short sleeves has a bias binding on the edge and then elastic stitched about 1" above to create the even shirrings.  The apron and collar also has emblems of the 4chan board. The collar is hand embroidered, while the apron as a applique technique.

When Michelle showed up for the fitting, I have found a unused vacuum that's the same as the reference art, so i gave it to my customer as a present. :) Awesome appreciative customer is hard to come by and I certainly hope we will work on other projects again. Such a cute cosplay!


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