AFK Tavern: the show down between Zombies and Super Heroes

I don't even know how I heard about the AFK Tavern months ago.

All I knew was - there is a restaurant, and it's a mecca for geeks near and far! That literally sounded like the coolest thing on earth to me!  I checked out the website and was super intrigued. Even tho the menu offers are pretty standard, the title description is witty and funny. Last weekend  a few friend came to visit from Canada and AFK was a must stop for them. So we juggled our busy schedule to make time and even  got games in place to play! And I was not disappointed.

Saturday evening my friends and I made the trek out to the Everett (about 25 minutes North of Seattle). By the time we got to the parking lot is was full up! But we were lucky to have find a spot that just opened up around the front door, and.... Parked next to .... a DeLorean DMC-12!!! It was in  excellent shape and I drooled over the polished nickel finish.

Upon walking into the main entrance of the restaurant, we found out that it is full and since we have no reservations, we have to wait in line. But we were only 2nd inline. It was great people watching so we didn't mind at all. My friends and I hang out around the DeLorean and torn pieces out from the  new games we got for the occasion.

About 20 minutes later, our group of 4 were called in to sit down.  Inside was a totally different world. The steampunk decorations along the wall moldings, the sight of dice and board games filled my vision, and scent of food cooking filled my nostrils. I am amongst my people! ;) After a brief  tour of the different sections of the restaurant, we were lead to a table for 4. We spend a good 5 minutes giggling at the menu like school kids. Who can resist though, with names like - ALCHEMIST’S PASTA.

We finally ordered our food and blissfully awaiting our food and drinks to  come, all the while can't stop looking around at other gamers, RPGers and writings on the wall.... then the hick ups started to happen, LOL. First I didn't get my drink, which is fine I can wait. But then my food show up and  still no drinks and no water. I can't eat this slightly over cooked steak without something to sip on. While I finally flagged down the waiter, he gave me a smart ass answer about "we are brewing our ice tea right now! It will be a few minutes..."  "oh ok, can I have some ice water then?"

After a few more minutes, the waiter came by with iced water and my drinks.  Finally! I was parched and drank the whole cup of ice tea in a instant! As we proceed eating, we found out there are options missing in our foods. My friend's veggie burger has a different vegetables in it. My orders was missing the meat sauces and bacon. Hmmm.... we were concerned that flagging down the waiter again means getting unwanted substances in our food. So we let it go.

After we hastily finished our food, it is on to gaming! As the waiter came by to clear our plates off the table, we got a fresh round of refills for our drinks, and laid out the game board. The game we played was .

Since we were just learning to play, we played Run Zombie Run scenario.  Which means we have 15 rounds to kill 15 Zombies with 4 heroes. the Game boards are set up like a basic town with different housing, such as town church, school, house, etc. The heroes have different skill sets and characteristics and starts the game at randomly selected places around the town. movements around the game boards are dictated by the D6s. So are attacks. It was a very fun game and we sat there playing late into the night. around 1AM. LOL. The waiter came over pretty often to check on the game than our drinks. Which at the end of the night, we came to term with this conclusion. People that works in AFK are more gamers than servers. They are probably hired not for their service level but their geekiness.

Over all, we would probably go back to AFK Tavern for the sheer fact that it's a place for geeks to hang out, and stay to play. But expectations are set now that you will probably not get awesome food or service in there. ;)


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