Accessories make the look!

The peacock and rooster feathers have arrived for my Venetian costume a few days ago.  I think this will put a beautiful finish on my outfit. I plan to make a head piece with the feathers and may be even necklaces and earrings. If the feathers does not work, then I will for sure bead a striking neckpiece.

The wigs  and masks are also here yesterday. The amber glass jewels and particularly impressive; feathers on the masks is based on the stylish elegance of Venetian carnival celebrations. I picked a wig that has corkscrew curls and lush black mane.

My dress will be adorn with countless gorgeous accessories and trims conveying the authentic style of the Venetian carnival dress. I plan to put dangling jewels tassels from my exquisite collection of gems, pompous peacock eyes, Gold Filigree trims, scroll laces, and rich brocade evokes magnificent festiveness. 

here is a preview of the sleeves. 



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