Sucker punch - Amber Redux!

This is a redux of

complete cosplay project with the combat boots, leather belts and harness, undies, strapless tube top, side cap, choker, and, of course, the crop jacket + crotchless/kneeless pant. LOL Lacing this cosplay up took many hours, which I am very thankful now that it's all done! This is my beautiful customer Jennifer. 

This is a very tight fitting costume, so we worked very closely together to get all the fabric correctly. I also sourced a stretchy contrasting fabric where are the first time around, I used a fabric with only mechanical stretch.

Just a note, I sourced the leather belt and harness from my leather master partner. The clips and gun prop was provided by Jennifer. 

Just a note, I know that some cosplayers created this cosplay by modding an original flight suit. However, I feel that my pattern making skills can better serve cosplay purposes as well as achieve a better fit. So if you are interested in your own Amber cosplay, contact me for commission work or check out my written tutorial on Instructable:

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