Dota - Windrunner Alleria

Eunice came to me last April to confirm a commission for the Windrunner's revamp project. She already had a full cosplay, but then she was not pleased with it, so she commissioned me to revamp the Cape, jacket, leggings and arm covers.  This project was such a success that it was captured by the Komo 4 news crew! Check out Eunice here:

Photo Credit: Joshua Lewis / KOMO News

Material wise - I used all Kona cotton fabric for the cape and jacket. Kona Cotton has a BEAUTIFUL wide range of colors that made the gradient look possible. Leggings and arm covers are made with a cotton spandex white fabric, which I custom dyed to match the specific tone of green color. Eunice specifically required that none of the greens should be a blueish green, so I had to try a few times before getting the yellowish green down. :)

It was a very fun project because the cape has loads of piecing details. And I want to capture it all! :)
So I paid extra attention to scale the proportions from the reference art to my customer's size, and then piece them back together.  All top stitching used contrasting thread to ensure the details pop. Additionally, in order to make sure the front and inside of the cape are the same view, I cleaned finished the seam allowances and added sealant to the raw edges as needed. I also extended the cape's over lap to create a voluminous cowl.

You can check out the process below.

The leggings are dyed to match the color of the dark green. Also, Eunice wanted to change the jacket to have a cap sleeves on one side, and have more coverage at the front neckline.


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