M. Syndrome - Cheshire

Counting down to Sakura Con this weekend, may I present to you M. Syndrome's Cheshire. 
This is base on a web comic - M. Syndrome. 

Minh commissioned this beautiful and long slender  topper with very long connecting straps. The cosplay also include a neck tie, a sleeveless tank, detached sleeves/gloves and fitted pants. I used a lux cotton blend fabric with a light stretch, 20 covered buttons, and tie buckles.

I think the most challenging task on this comisson was that my customer lost almost 20 pounds nears the completion of the project. So we added 6 darts on the cosplay to adjust to his new body shape. I am all for weight lost and yay for Minh's determination and vigor! I can't wait to see him at the con!

Minh sourced his own wigs and sword. :)


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