The Legend of Korra - Korra

A 3rd Pax Prime cosplay I've accomplished was Korra from The Legend of Korra for Simone. This was also a partial commissioned cosplay.  Because Simone wanted to take part in the creation of her fav character, my part in the cosplay was the jacket, front Apron and the top. There were some challenges to this cosplay due to the tight fitting shirts, I picked a cotton based knit fabric.

I loved working with the fabric painting too! It felt quiet magical when I peel off the masking tape and I see sharp contrasting lines. I also found a luxurious thick pile faux fur in snow white to accomplish the fur trims in this cosplay. But of course after cutting it, there are white fibers everywhere, and still till this day, I find white furs pieces in the corners of my house/studio :D

This is the reference:

Here are the construction details:

A close up of the jacket (again, please excuse the partial pieces of my Wizard cosplay :P):

Simone fully geared for Pax! Photo provided by Simone:


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