Finished work Super Smash Bros Marth

Super Smash Bros. - Marth

6:50 PMAnna

During the mayhem of Pax Prime 2012, I worked on 4 costumes. One of them is a partial comission of Super Smash Bros. Marth cosplay.  This is for James. He lives in California and I work closely with him to get measurements and made patterns accordingly. This project consisted of the blue top, and the two tone cape.

I used the same gold scroll fabric and the gold filigree trim to capture the regal style of Marth. For the cape, it is a two tone cape meaning the inside is a marooned red color and outside is navy blue.  Here are the pictures!


Sewing details:

Finished Top, please excuse the other misc parts of other projects. :)

Action shot (provided by James):

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