US Agent Cosplay finished!

Hello everyone, today marks the completion of the US Agent Cosplay commission for Joe.

Fabric usage: 
 I used a heavy Ponti knit fabric to make the base of the set. The front red/white stripes are none stretch, brushed crepe fabric, It is brushed so that the surface s slightly fussy, which means they will not only contrast with each other, but also with the techie feel of the Ponti fabric. Since the base fabric is stretchy, I added ease at the top of the stripe panel. On the body this stretched over to a nice smooth look.

Dressing Mechanics:
Super heroes are dressed to go! there is no time to fuss with your armor. The top and pants are jointed at the waist with a Long zipper. This design offers a clean look with out the bulk of a Waistband and also belt loops.I also added elastic at the sleeve opening and the pant leg opening. This helps keep the garment on the body when our super hero goes out to fight crimes. :)

For additional storage during conventions, I made these two pouches for Joe to attached to his red belt.  Made with same fabric as the red stripes fabric. But for structure and hold, I fused it with heavy weight interlining.


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