It has almost been a year!

I have just received an renewal email today that it’s been one year since I purchased .  Understandably much has changed, I am not sure I can identified anything that has not changed. I am a bit gloomy due to recent changes in my close circle of friends.   Of course the Seattle rainy weather is not helping either. I wonder when this misting will stop.  I will not say that I don’t want change to happen, but the process is hard. The not knowing if I will be alright. The not being sure.  I want this to be past. I want everything to be right again.

I found this song, one of my favorite from this erhu artist. It reflects the feelings in my heart.

Onward and upward!

This past year, I worked on about 7 sets of costumes,
October’ 10 – His and Her Battlestar Galatica duty blue sets (For me and My husband)
October’ 10 – Little Red Riding hood Cape (For Jamie)
December’ 10 – Star Blazer officer’s uniforms (For Franklin)
June’11 – Sucker Punch’s Amber (for Kris) * which won me a runner up over at Instructibles! -
August’11 – Tron: Legacy’s Quorra (for myself, made especially for Pax Prime!)
October’11 – Renaissance Rogue’s Vest (In-progress) (For talented Hillary)

Current projects are
Renaissance Rogue’s Vest (In-progress) – Due November (For talented Hillary)
SCA Warrior Gambeson (In-progress) – Due Jan (For Ricky)
US Agent Marvel comics (in-progress) – Due March (For Joseph)

How has your year been? I hope that all lessons you learnt has been gentle and fruitful.


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