yay Pax Prime 2011 - Quorra (Tron - Legacy) !

I had so much fun at Pax Prime 2011 yesterday!! Dressing up as Quorra  ( Tron - Legacy) was fun and challenging. Those 24 AA batteries sure do add up in weight and heat! not to mention the connectors poking me at every spot. at one point, one of the triple A battery packs (for the small circles) ran out. I didn't plan for those to happen, so I had to do a emergency battery switch in the bathroom. LOL!

Here are some of the photos!


  1. Hey, my name`s Antonio and i`m the guy on the speaker there on the fourth picture. I have to thank you `cause that photo won the saturday drawing for the lifeiscrime raffle thingy. Thanks a ton and heres to PAX next year

  2. Hey thanks + congrats! It was a fun filled day, and you were the first person to asked me to post with ya in an act ;)


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