I have gotten a few emails asking if I am still accepting commissions. I am! I just needed to find a new home for my website… and since you are here.. welcome… enjoy my new place!
Every year, there is The Dress. It is the most beautiful most spectacular, most impressive, most memorable, and often most time consuming(which is why it’s so memorable) piece. A few years ago was the Retro one piece dress with the wrap skirt. This year, the dress for me is this steampunk piece. It’s a special 3 piece collection. Modeled by Teresa Tam, me, and another privately commissioned piece which I have no pictures of. ;) It is an striking Victorian inspired skirt, featuring 3-tier under skirt, a top coat, and a full petticoat. Top coat has 2 draw strings and 2 suspenders that pins up to reveal the full ruffles. I choose rich blood red color for the under skirt, and top coat is a gorgeous black with delicate red accent flower and scrolls of rich gold. For Teresa’s skirt, it is black fabric with a deep vermilion shantung silk top skirt. For the privately commissioned skirt, my clients picked a country gingham and floral print for top coat. All 3 pieces are based off the same basic pattern and then tailor fit to the customer. This is also the very first time I massive produce 3 garments of the same style.
After completion, Teresa and I went to the esteemed Georgetown Powerplant Museum and took this collection of picture. Thank you Kelly, my awesome husband and photographer. With the yearend almost upon us, I can’t wait for next year’s new favorite to surface!
Here are excerpts of our shoot.


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