pattern making - Sucker Punch & Battlestar Galatica Cosplay

It’s always a challenge to materialize something from a manga or comic book. I spend many hours staring and researching online for different view of the garment. I often ask myself, how the heck does that stay up? Or you can’t fit that tight and still be able to move?!
My current project is making the Amber custom from the upcoming movie Sucker punch. There are some amazing details, but somewhat disproportional to reality. There are not a lot of screenshot of the prop custom yet, so I am going from the pictures, statutes and sketches.

Findings include:
- 7-8 Metal teeth zippers, for jacket, shoulders, sleeve opening, pants, bra.
- ~100 yards of Drawstring – I am not sure to use the self fabric to make he draw string to buy bulk leather.
- Flat trims – there are flat trims stitched all over the jacket and pants. I am planning to dye some fabric into darker color and use that as the trim. I think it’s a good idea to make the draw string from that.
 -Eye lets – there are eyelets all along the jacket and pants and arm, it is impossible to buy dark green eyelets, but black is too dark colored….. need further research on how to accomplish the look.

And while I am on the topic of pattern making, look at this marker layout for the pattern pieces of the BSG (Battlestar Galatica) female set. I always like to look at the markers from a different angle and adjust pieces to make sure they are on grain. I had to adjust a few pieces after reviewing this picture ;)


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