Tales of Vasperia - Rita Mordio

One of the biggest project I did for Pax Prime 2013 was Rita Mordio from Tales of Vasperia. 

My customer wanted a complete package, which included everything you see - costume, accessories, shoes covers, gadgets! And Rita has many! From her mysteries waist gadgets to the waist book harness, and her weapon - a flying scroll, Rita is endless surprises and discoveries. But I took it with stride, dissecting the figurine (which my customer kindly provided) piece by piece one at a time. 

I used Kona cottons for that deep saturated color effect to achieve the bold look of Rita's cosplay.  Of course Kona Cotton also offers a bazzillion colors that matches my every needs!  I made the inner bodice with long puffy sleeves, and then the outer vest. Of course they are tacked together for consistency and ease of wearing.  The legging is just a simple white cotton knit with one leg, and covers are created to fit the shoes.

I also partnered up with a leatherworker to make the golden choker, book harness with storage space inside for Rita's Convention loots.

I am very happy with how this complicated but amazing project turned out!


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