Final Fantasy VIII - Laguna Loire

This is commissioned by Jeff for Sakura Con. It is Laguna Loire from Final Fantasy VIII. It is one of my favorite from the series. The scene where Laguna and Julia met in the bar and the song "Eyes on Me", still gets me all misty eyed! 

I used a heavy weight twill for the cropped jacket, bottom weight even heavier twill for the pants. The waist belt is made of vinyl leatherette. The decorations were made with painted foam, covered buttons and bag making hardware. Jeff wanted a very square shoulder, so we added a few shoulder padd to "lift" the jacket up. My biggest challenge was that the jacket piping, it is all one piece from center front edge to collar band, to the outer edge of the collar, all the way around to the other center front edge. It was a pain to sew on with the stand up collar, collar band and the front facing. :) Not impossible, but I did have to set and reset it a few times to make sure all the pieces lined up and kept it's shape.
Jeff is Amy's husband. (Amy is the one who commissioned the White Mage Robe that I posted before) I can't wait to see them fully cosplayed in the Con! <3


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