Diablo 3 Wizard Cosplay - construction update

Finished sewing about 80% of the top portion. I did my first fitting tonight - I am very happy with the result.

 Fit notes -

1, I think I *may* have stretched out the front armhole when I was sewing the dbl fold binding on.... I may need to add a armhole dart to tighten things up. It looks way icky right now.

2, Need two shoulder pads under the gold wings to prop it up. Right now, it is resting on my natural shoulders.

3, Over lock the black top collar to the red bodice. Trim off about 3/8" from the neck side -need to show more cleavage. :)

The more I studied the wizard concept art the more details I've found - There is the armpit beads, the gold chains, the braided rope that defies gravity, and the leather side panel.... oh yea - there is that! Gotta stay as accurate as possible! ;) Here is the side leather panel earlier in the evening.


  1. Hello.

    As I'm in the process of recreating this costume (I don't know when I'll present it, maybe next year), and I was thinking like you about the leather panel. This little detail catched my eyes and I was thinking about how to make it (probably in red, as I've already the fabric).

    I've also noticed a thing on the black tabard, maybe paiting or embroidery. It's a little bit faint (grey or something else, like the swirls on the corset). It's just under the red thing. But maybe you've already seen it too.

    And I would also thank you. It's always interesting to see how others people do the same thing, but sometimes with other techniques and from other point of view.

  2. Hi - thanks for your comments. and sorry for the late reply. I rarely get comments on this blog. :)

    I know the pattern you are referring to. I have picked a black brocade that has a pattern on it. So when the light hits the fabric, the scroll pattern shows up very nicely in a silvery grey tone. I used the same black brocade in the tabard, waist belt, the front princess panel skirt trims, and the base for my collars. This cosplay is full of details. I love it!


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