Happy New Year!

Wow, what a crazy month December was!  Aside from the holidays to spend with friends and families, I also acquired 2 more supremely tailored and decorated projects and made plans to make 4 more for this year’s Pax Prime 2012! What the Pax Costumes are will be kept as a secret until we get closer to April. But I am very excited to be working with other cosplayers to execute these costumes for Pax!  Last year's Quorra from Tron is hard to Top, but a troupe of cosplayers will be fabulous too!

The 2 decorated projects are for the Vencian Ball that I have mentioned below. I am 50% done for mine own and is working on a friends.  Here is a snap tease of the back of my skirt ;) I will be adding beads and laces to the whole dress, and complete with head dress and a bag!

Meantime, I am taking a break from Ricky's Gambeson - which now has a later due date than originally planned. And the US agent costume is ready for 1st fitting! :)


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