This year holiday seemed to have come quietly.

We hosted a thanksgiving dinner in our home and 12 of our best friends came to celebrate with us. There were food, laughter, and much closeness was felt.  At that time, I still had an impending gloom around me before the dinner. But as the night went on, I felt truly blessed by my friends and my husband. I love them and shared so much of myself with them and it is in their kindness that they do the same for me. And with that, our holiday season has been kicked off.
My best friend is hosting Xmas eve, and we are co-hosting Xmas day party. The Xmas eve party is notable because last year, almost everyone that shown up are transplants. There are Chinese, German, England, and all over the US.  I hope to see the same ground of friends again! The Xmas day party is co-hosted by us, and it’s going to be Chinese hot pot style! J I love hot pot in a cold winter day. It is even better with a bunch of friends.
Last year, I started a tradition of baking cookies, and sending out packages to friends and families. Other than the cookies, I also add little pieces of keepsakes, kitchen tools. ;) I think I will do the same thing this year. My husband’s work also has a cookie swap, and I want to enter into a contest for the video game I am playing.

So I am setting out to bake about 9 dozen cookies. The break down is planned to be the following
5 dozens of our favorite Cherry oatmeal cookies – I have made this cookie for 5+ years, and every year it tastes different. Last year’s was way too dry. ;)
 2 dozen of the gingersnap palmier
2 dozen jelly thumb print cookies


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