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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.
For Thanksgiving, my husband and I went to Portland for a quiet getaway. It’s a beautiful city and we went there annually.

It is hard to concentrate on what I want to do the most. Sewing…. I have made the patterns and cut out the fabrics. Sewing has been challenging, since the fabric for the amber set is so stretchy. Thankfully, my sewing machine has awesome grips on the presser foot and teeth. I still remember making the Battlestar Galatica set, how 6 layers of bottom weight  cotton twill just passes though like butter. ;) When sewing machines does not have enough power or grip, thicker fabric just gets stuck.  After a fast few stitches, it’s usually ripped or thread gets stuck at the same hole. Worst yet! It can break your needle, because it takes longer for the needle to rise up and down, and lost synchronization with the movement…. That’s a dreadful sound when your needle gets stuck.



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